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What is Game Township?

Download Township

Download Township is a completely free farm and city building game created and developed by Playrix. This game was officially released in 2012 on iOS and 2013 on Android and has always been popular since its launch. Until 2017, Township received more than 120 million downloads with 3.5 million visitors playing every day.

The Android version of Township is developed in the direction of building a life, such as players will grow crops, purchase necessary materials for construction as well as trade farm products to make money.

Players will have the experience of a farmer and need to think to make city planning more beautiful. Downloading Township mod apk will help you perform the above tasks quickly and perfectly.

Advantages of Playing Farm City:

Some advantages of the game Township can be mentioned as follows:

  • Town building: The city in the game Township is simulated with beautiful 3D graphics, bright colors and a friendly, cute interface design that brings a peaceful feeling. The way to build a town is extremely simple, new players will be guided meticulously step by step.
  • Online entertainment mode: Even though you build your own city, it doesn’t mean you have to live there alone.
  • Upgrade the warehouse: Unlike some other farm games, Township mod apk can upgrade the warehouse, creating the most realistic feeling for players. You can use freight trains to collect bricks, stones, and construction glass to upgrade warehouse capacity.
  • Two popular money streams: Farm City game uses two main currencies: T-Cash and T-Dollars. In particular, T-Dollars through real money deposits can be used to buy items to increase productivity, buy more storage containers, and buy construction items. T-Cash is used to buy housing projects, land, agricultural products or pets…
  • Decorating the town: In addition to building the town, you also need to consider decorating the town to make it more beautiful. Let’s enrich the living space as well as the ecosystem here by buying plants, lawns, street lights… for decoration.
  • Beautiful, brilliant graphics: Beautiful graphics are one of the reasons why many people love downloading Township mod for free. The game has realistic images, eye-catching colors, and cute designs, so don’t be surprised if you finish planning the city and it feels very similar to a real-life city.
  • Playful sound: Besides the beautiful images, the sound of Township is also very easy to listen to. You will enjoy cheerful melodies that change with each small movement such as collecting gold, harvesting agricultural products.

Download Township

Configuration of the Farm City Game:

Currently, Township MOD is available on many different platforms, including download versions for phones and computers. With the advantage of a lightweight installer, only 70 MB to 100 MB, this game is suitable for most Smartphone configurations in Vietnam.

Playrix regularly takes care of and upgrades this game to become better. If you want to download Township mod to your phone, you can download it whether on iOS or Android platforms.

In the phone version, the game will support version 9.0 of the iOS operating system and version 4.2 of the Android operating system and above. RAM level should be 4GB or more to run the game stably.

Features of Mod Township

Township mod v9.5 is an unofficial version that is upgraded compared to the original version and will bring many convenient experiences to users.

  • Unlock all premium facades: Players using the Township hack apk will unlock unlimited lands. That means you can buy all the land that the city provides for your farm so that construction projects such as houses and farms will have a construction area. If you play this game in the usual way, it will definitely take a long time to have enough land for both construction and decoration.
  • Township hack infinite money: Money is the currency of the game Township, used to buy items and buildings in the city. With the full money mod, unlocking and upgrading buildings, warehouses, and farm areas will be completely simple.
  • Anti-ban mod: Techbuzz has selected cheats to help you avoid having your account locked or getting errors, so you can use it with peace of mind.

The above article has brought information about the latest Township Mod Apk Full money today. Please rest assured because the game has been tested many times and tested before being provided to players. Wishing you the best installation and gaming experience!

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