Download Buddy Toss Hack

Brief Introduction About Buddy Toss:

Download Buddy Toss Hack

Download Buddy Toss Hack was launched on July 20, 2018 by publisher CurryGames, very famous for highly entertaining games such as Smash Run, Angry Birds, 2248 Hexa,…

This game has extremely simple gameplay but is loved by many people. In the game, they will have to play the role of an athlete and need to control their character to fly high into the sky, even can reach out into space.

Buddy Toss mod not only helps players entertain and reduce stress but also gives them an extremely exciting and thrilling feeling. If you feel bored with high action games like PUBG Mobile, you can change the atmosphere with this light but extremely funny game.

Currently, Hack Buddy Toss apk is developed on two platforms: IOS and Android, helping players to easily access and download it most conveniently.

The Gameplay Is Extremely Simple:

Download Buddy Toss Hack

Players just need to touch the screen to send your character flying into the air and when he is about to come down, you just need to touch the screen again and he will continue to pop up.

Just by performing these simple control operations, your character will fly higher and higher and receive more bonus points.

You may think this game is silly, but it is definitely the dream that we always wanted as children to fly very high into the sky.

This game is the same, flying high to let go of all the worries and fatigue in daily life or work. From there, you will quickly recharge your cheerful energy to catch up with real-life activities quickly.

Fly Into Space – Crack All Laws of Physics:

Download Buddy Toss hack apk and you will be surprised because this is a game that beats all the laws of physics because not only can you jump, but you can also fly as high as a 30-storey building, even fly out into space, surpassing all the laws of universal gravitation.

You can freely explore and learn about solar systems, galaxies, black holes, stars,… without needing any spaceship. All it takes is a muscular man with a strange hobby of throwing people into the air.

But be careful because if you have just one incorrect touch, the main character of the game Buddy Toss will fall straight to the ground and you will lose!

Upgrade Your Character:

Download Buddy Toss Hack

The only upgrade mechanism you can do in the game Buddy Toss is character upgrade.

Furthermore, you can completely rest assured when upgrading your character because this game does not force you to pay to level up your character.

After each turn, the game will reward you with some points and you will be able to use them to upgrade your character in the Store.

Besides, you can buy costumes and some accompanying accessories for the characters such as clothes, hair, glasses, shoes,… with a total of 51 costumes and 32 accessories inspired by the characters. familiar objects such as Jedi, Spiderman, Batman, Darth Vader, etc.

Humorous Graphic Design, Fun Sounds:

Buddy Toss android mod has a fairly simple graphic design with a cartoon style that creates a sense of fun. The gameplay and simulation of the game will make you have comfortable relaxing moments.

When you fly up it feels really Yomost, but when you fall down it’s actually quite scary but equally funny with the character’s screams. Flying up and down continuously and conquering new heights in a full-body flight will definitely be an extremely interesting experience.

Mod Feature of Buddy Toss Hack:

  • Buddy Toss hack Unlimited Stars: Besides the goal of conquering new heights, many players want to also own beautiful costumes. However, the cost of buying costumes is relatively expensive and you have to play many times and watch many ads. To save time, you can consider downloading Buddy Toss MOD APK which will give you a large amount of money right when starting the game to comfortably shop or upgrade.
  • Unlock VIP features: You will no longer be bothered by ads. If you use up all the money of the MOD version, you can watch the advertising video again to get money immediately.

Some Configuration Requirements of the Buddy Toss Hacked Game:

  • Supports installation on devices: IOS or Android 4.1 and above.
  • Shared mod version: latest 1.5.2
  • Capacity: 45 MB
  • Mobile RAM: 4GB

Overall, Buddy Toss is a fun game, easy to play and completely free. But if you are someone who is afraid of heights, maybe the game will cause a little fear!

Surely the information we shared in the article has made you more curious and want to immediately experience this Buddy Toss hack Apk Full star, right? Hope you can easily and comfortably play the game!

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