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Download Brotato 1.3.78 APK + MOD Premium (Unlimited Money – English)

Download Brotato 1.3.78 Apk is a web diversion that’s well known with youthful individuals nowadays. Since its dispatch, Brotato has quickly pulled in a large number of clients. Within the amusement you’ll take on the part of a warrior, entrusted with battling outsiders. To memorize more approximately the extraordinary highlights of the Vietnamese amusement Brotato, it would be ideal if you take after TechBuzz’s article underneath.

Introducing the Game Brotato

Brotato Repack is an activity and shooting diversion, discharged and accessible on Steam. Within the amusement, you may take on the part of a potato warrior. Your mission here will be to fight against the outsiders, particularly when battling you’ll be able to use 6 diverse sorts of weapons and select numerous other combat things to form a normal battling fashion. best. And your extreme objective is to outlive, holding up until you get offer assistance from your colleagues.

Giới thiệu về game Brotato

Brotato’s Main Features Are Available:

  • Each level takes put rapidly, up to 30 minutes.
  • Permits the utilize of programmed weapons with fast-paced combat.
  • Permits you to customize your play, where Brotat can be a insane warrior or a quiet heavy
  • armament specialist or a one-armed player.
  • Permits you to select things and weapons counting flamethrowers, SMGs, sticks, rocks and explosive launchers.
  • Continue to gather assets, increment XP and take things from enemies.
  • Attempt to outlive and devastate all Outsiders within the most limited sum of time.

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Tính năng chính của Brotato việt hoá sẵn 


  • Included 4 characters + 8 challenges and accomplishments.
  • Included 13 modern things + 3 unused weapons.
  • Boundless Perpetual Mode.
  • Steam Workshop bolster.
  • Evil spirit permits you to dispatch with Chopper.
  • Increments laser weapon harm.
  • Blade diminishes harm, permitting utilize of materials.
  • The Slingshot is an updated rangefinder.
  • Board with beginning harm extend of 50% rather than 25% scuffle, basic, specialized harm or
  • cooldown lessening.
  • Pound increments scuffle harm rate by 100% > 150% (II), 175% (III) and 200% (IV).
  • Plasma Heavy hammer increments melee/elemental harm proportion by 100% > 150%(III) or
  • 120%. (IV).
  • Thunder sword increments melee/elemental harm extend by 100% > 125%(III) and 150%
  • (IV).
  • Included button in GamePlay alternatives, permitting you to set up.
  • Inviting adversaries don’t produce shots when in contact with scuffle weapons.
  • A scroll bar shows up, the portrayal is cut off.
  • Adjust weapons, characters and settle a few other minor bugs.

màn chơi vô cùng đa dạng

The Brotato

  • Add 2 new characters + 6 new items.
  • Weapons display the amount of damage dealt.
  • Displays secondary statistics in a new tab in the statistics container.
  • Change Unique Weapon to Different Weapon.
  • Shows the actual value of Crit Chance on weapons.
  • Added Optimize end waves option if you encounter problems at the end of waves.
  • Increases cooldown on final attack.
  • Reduced HP.


  • Gives Turkish and Italian interface.
  • Supplanted the expansion is higher impact of Threat II -> Elites and crowds show up and
  • Foes drop less materials of Threat IV -> More elites and crowds show up.
  • Included 3 elites + 2 modern foes.
  • Include 2 characters + 2 things to open clues.
  • Included 4 modern challenges + accomplishments.
  • Included 3 unused weapons.
  • Update foe assault waves, counting Threat 1+, moving forward a few hitboxes.
  • Obliterator: Alter color and increment bullet estimate.
  • Plasma Heavy hammer: Expanded run + fire rate.
  • Control Clench hand: Extends harm extend.
  • Taser: Decreased extend of high-level floors.
  • Shuriken: Increments harm x1.25 > x1.5.
  • Spiky Shield: Diminishes armor extend and harm run, Suport -> Limit, Medieval.
  • Gun taken a toll decreased and Laser Weapon cooldown marginally decreased.
  • Adjust a few weapon sorts.
  • Include unused highlights, overhaul, alter and settle bugs.

The Latest Brotato 0.1.1:

  • Reduces the number of enemies in the final attacks.
  • Enemies that are large or upgrading will have small HP and drop a lot of resources.
  • Reduces enemy damage range.
  • Increases enemy speed slightly.
  • Proceed to remove the Accuracy index.
  • Changed armor calculation formula. (Armor here will reduce damage by % with expansion
  • points).
  • Change the stats for Ranger, Circular Saw or Rocket Launcher.
  • Upgrade armor level based on Common’s rarity.
  • Detachable weapon set bonus points reduced.
  • Maximum HP set bonus reduced.
  • The luck index greatly affects the rarity of items you find in crates, shops or when upgrading levels.
  • For items from wooden crates, they will be recycled to receive 25% of their value, not discarded.
  • Increased the value of some upgrades.
  • Lightning Shiv’s impact increased.
  • SMG, Pistol and Shotgun do not require absolute accuracy.
  • Lock the store to find new items instead of providing empty slots.

Installation Instructions:

Step 1: First, click the “Allow downloads from unknown sources” option.

Step 2: Click to download Brotat game v1.0.0.3 Vietnamese version to your device

3 Step : Save the file immediately in the download folder

Step 4: Click the available Brotat v1.0.0.3 Vietnamese file and wait for the system to complete the installation process.

Step 5: As soon as the system is completed, open Brotat v1.0.0.3 Vietnamese version to experience the interesting features in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: How to upgrade characters in the game Brotato?

Answer: From the moment you start playing the game, you will be guided to create a character and allowed to participate in adventures in the virtual world. To be able to upgrade your character, you must complete all assigned tasks and participate in many matches to collect more points and accumulate experience. In particular, experience points are used to upgrade skills, automate tasks and unlock many new features.

Question 2: What should you do to make a lot of money in Brotato?

Answer: In the game, money plays an extremely important role because it is used to buy equipment, accessories and weapons. You can earn money by completing tasks, participating in matches or trading with other players. In addition, your participation in events that the game organizes is also a way to help you increase your chances of making a large amount of money.

Question 3: How can I participate in challenge matches in Brotato?

Answer: Brotato Full Crack is not simply a game that allows you to adventure, but also a place where you can fight other players. To participate in these challenging battles, you must first build and upgrade your character, collect equipment and improve your fighting ability. Learning how each match works and applying appropriate strategies will help you quickly win and defeat your opponents quickly.

Because of what Brotato brings to you, it somehow makes the game even more attractive. To earn a lot of money in the game, you should master the playing methods and complete all tasks quickly. Hopefully what we share with you in this article will be useful information for you, please quickly click to download the game Brotat v1.0.0.3 with Vietnamese version available.

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