Download Detention MOD

Introducing The Horror Game Detention:

Download Detention MOD game series by the Red Candle Games development team is one of the perfect choices of gamers. The game also contains mysteries that even scientists cannot explain. Some mysterious Taiwanese stories and then experience the dark atmosphere, giving players goosebumps.

Download Detention MOD

Gameplay Of The Game Detention:

Coming to Detention, gamers will take turns playing the role of the two main characters of the game, Ray and Ting. The player’s main task will be to find a way to escape this school that is gradually becoming horror, as well as attempt to recover memories buried in the past.

However, to successfully retrieve memories, gamers need to explore all the rooms in the haunted school, from familiar classrooms to the principal’s office and staff offices, along with other areas. mysterious area on the school campus.

Download Detention MOD

In addition, there will be hidden missions that go along with the plot missions such as searching for objects, opening secret doors, or piecing together torn pieces of clue paper,… But if you think those things are too much It’s simple, then think again, dear gamers!

Download Detention MOD

In the school that is already very familiar to the main character, extremely famous ghosts in Taiwanese folk culture will gradually appear. They constantly roam around the classrooms or locations where the player’s character is present to hinder and disturb you.

To be able to overcome them, you must find the necessary information about them from pieces of paper picked up in classrooms. Then you need to follow the instructions exactly to be able to safely overcome the demons. Because each type of ghost in the game will have completely different ways to avoid it.

Download Detention MOD

Main Setting and Timeline:

If you dig deeper into the content of the main plot, players will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the girl Fang Ray. Although he was originally just a typical student at the school, Ray’s situation was extremely difficult. Living in a time of crisis due to the influence of government policies. The events that occurred in a family on the brink of collapse caused the girl to fall into an extremely serious crisis.

Download Detention MOD

Ray threw himself headlong into the mess and gradually made wrong decisions that throughout the process of participating in the game you will be able to feel very clearly. And at the end of the game, what will be the outcome of the path Ray chooses, what are the consequences and what can our main character do to atone for his mistakes.

The Scene Is Designed Extremely Magically:

Another highlight of the game Detention Day lies in the extremely spooky designed scenery throughout the game sketched by the publisher. When hearing the name Greenwood, many people will think that this is a simple school, located next to a beautiful forest. However, the Greenwood school in the game contains elements of horror, with a mysterious and desolate look due to the impact of a natural storm.

Download Detention MOD

Moreover, next to the rows of classrooms with dark, ghostly colors. In other areas of this school, there are also hidden cells, shrines and countless other mysterious places. In addition, gamers can easily encounter souls, as well as ghosts wandering everywhere. All combined together help create Detention free download a gloomy, mysterious look, a scene full of ghosts and horrors.

Missions in Detention Viet Hoa

It can be said that Detention download possesses a very unique gameplay, accompanied by an equally diverse system of in-game missions. Allocated and spread out according to the main storyline, the mission system includes:

  • Search for items to unlock locked doors.
  • Solve mysterious puzzles.
  • Search for clues that lead to the truth.
  • Combine items or clues together to form an accurate solution,…

Download Detention MOD

Folk Instrument Sounds and Realistic Graphics:

Detention vietsub was sent by the development team with quiet melodies, creating a dark, magical atmosphere throughout the game. The game also has some background music mixed with ancient music as well as folk instruments. Through this, it clearly portrays the extremely realistic Taiwanese social context at that time. The publisher has cleverly used and integrated sound effects in an extremely reasonable way. The gamer’s journey will be more thrilling, interesting and full of unexpected moments.

Download Detention MOD

The game development team built on the Taiwanese context of the years 1949 to 1987. The publisher cleverly used dark and nostalgic tones to portray a school in this dark period. Along with the context, the game’s character designs are quite impressive and meticulously sketched, clearly showing the spirit and personality of each character in the game.

Download Detention MOD

Throughout the game, players will be able to move through many mystical and familiar areas, with each area having a completely different theme as well as different tones and settings. Thereby helping to increase the excitement and excitement as well as giving players surprising elements. Vietnamese Detention also has visual effects that are quite simple but are integrated very reasonably.

System Configuration Requirements:

  • Operating system: Tested on Windows 7 64 Bit, Windows 7.8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
  • CPU: Meets Intel Core 2 Duo or higher.
  • RAM: 4GB.
  • Set size: 1.7GB.
  • Hard disk capacity: 3GB.

Instructions for Installing Detention PC:

Step 1: Download the game using the TechBuzz link provided above and extract it.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate Windows version to install (32bit or 64bit).

3: Start the setup file to install the game.

Step 4: Copy the Active file in the Plaza folder and put it in the folder where the game is installed.

Step 5: Proceed to download Vietnamese Patch.

6: Copy Viet Hoa Patch, put it in the folder where the game is installed and launch it there.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can players safely download Detention Viet Hoa?

Answer: Not only downloading Detention Viet Hoa, but all the games that Tech provides are censored for safety. Does not contain viruses that are harmful to your device.

Question 2: What is the operating system that you can use to download Detention Viet Hoa?

Answer: Detention Viet Hoa requires Windows 7 64 Bit, Windows 7.8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 operating systems.

Question 3: Can players download Detention Viet Hoa with 2GB of RAM?

Answer: Unfortunately, Detention Viet Hoa can only work with 4GB RAM. This is considered the minimum requirement.

Above, Tech has just introduced to players one of the hottest horror titles in 2021. Please quickly download Detention Viet Hoa and experience this great game together.

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