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ProxyCap 5.38 Crack enables you to redirect your computer’s network connections through proxy servers. You can tell ProxyCap which applications will connect to the Internet through a proxy and under what circumstances. This is done through a user friendly interface, without the need to reconfigure any of your Internet clients. ProxyCap has native support for the SSH protocol, allowing you to specify a SSH server as the proxy server.

ProxyCap Crack is the best software ever introduced by the company. It is very famous due to its user friendly interface and mostly computer literate people do not require the training for operating this latest version of the software. Moreover, the previous version of ProxyCap Serial Key is somehow difficult but expert users prefer that version. It has some shortcut keys to operate. All the versions of ProxyCap Key are compatible with Windows all versions and smooth work on Mac as well.

ProxyCap Full Crack runs under Windows 32 and 64 bit, Mac OS X, and Windows Mobile. It works well with popular applications: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Outlook, Pidgin, PSI, as well as with Metro Style apps for Windows 8 (such as Windows Store and Metro version of Internet Explorer).

ProxyCap Full Version Free Download Google Drive Link

ProxyCap Google Drive is a powerful software application that allows users to redirect network connections through proxy servers. It is commonly used to bypass network restrictions, enhance privacy, and access geo-restricted content. ProxyCap operates by intercepting network traffic from various applications on a computer and routing it through proxy servers. By doing so, it enables users to establish connections to the internet or specific services through intermediary servers, thus masking their actual IP addresses and location.

When ProxyCap is installed on a system, users can configure it to work with different proxy server types, including HTTP, SOCKS (versions 4 and 5), and even Secure Shell (SSH) tunnels. The application provides a user-friendly interface where users can define rules to determine which applications or processes should be routed through proxies. These rules can be based on specific criteria such as the source or destination IP address, port number, or even the protocol being used.

ProxyCap Crack Download also offers advanced features that allow users to fine-tune their proxy settings. Users can set up multiple proxy servers and define their priority order, enabling seamless switching between them. Additionally, the application supports flexible routing options, enabling users to specify custom routing paths for different applications or protocols.

The benefits of using ProxyCap are manifold. Firstly, it enables users to bypass network restrictions imposed by firewalls, internet service providers, or network administrators. This is particularly useful in organizations or countries where certain websites or services are blocked. Secondly, ProxyCap enhances privacy by concealing users’ real IP addresses. This helps protect against surveillance, tracking, and profiling. Lastly, ProxyCap allows users to access geo-restricted content by routing their connections through proxy servers located in the desired region.

In ProxyCap Google Drive is a versatile software application that empowers users to route network connections through proxy servers. Its ability to bypass restrictions, enhance privacy, and access geo-restricted content makes it a valuable tool for both individuals and organizations.

ProxyCap Free Download Portable Full Activated

ProxyCap Crack Google Drive offers a range of key features and benefits that make it a popular choice for users seeking to route network connections through proxy servers. Here, we will explore some of its notable features and the advantages they bring.

Application-specific routing: ProxyCap allows users to define specific rules to route network traffic for individual applications or processes. This level of granularity enables users to customize their proxy settings based on their requirements and preferences.

Multiple proxy server support: The application supports multiple proxy server types, including HTTP, SOCKS (versions 4 and 5), and SSH tunnels. Users can set up multiple proxy servers and specify their priority order, ensuring seamless and flexible switching between them.

Custom routing paths: ProxyCap offers flexible routing options, allowing users to specify custom paths for different applications or protocols. This enables users to optimize their network connections and ensure that specific traffic is directed through the most suitable proxy server.

Bypass network restrictions: One of the primary benefits of ProxyCap Portable Download is its ability to bypass network restrictions. It enables users to access blocked websites or services by routing their connections through proxy servers. This is particularly useful in environments where internet access is restricted or censored.

Enhanced privacy and anonymity: ProxyCap helps protect users’ privacy by concealing their real IP addresses. By routing network traffic through proxy servers, users can shield their online activities from surveillance, tracking, and profiling. This is especially valuable for individuals concerned about their privacy and security.

Geo-restricted content access: ProxyCap allows users to access geo-restricted content by routing their connections through proxy servers located in the desired region. This feature is beneficial for individuals who want to access region-specific websites, streaming services, or online gaming servers.

In ProxyCap Crack Google Drive offers a comprehensive set of features that enable users to bypass network restrictions, enhance privacy, and access geo-restricted content. Its application-specific routing, support for multiple proxy server types, and custom routing paths provide users with fine-grained control over their network connections. With its benefits in privacy protection and access to restricted content, ProxyCap is a versatile tool for both individuals and organizations.

ProxyCap Crack Key Features:

  • Support for SOCKS and HTTPS proxy servers
    ProxyCap allows you to tunnel applications, that do not necessarily support proxies, through SOCKS4, SOCKS5 and HTTPS proxy servers.
  • Built-in support for SSH tunneling
    ProxyCap lets you tunnel applications through a SSH server transparently, without the need to run a SSH client or to reconfigure your applications. Read more…
  • Support for “pure” HTTP proxying
    ProxyCap allows you to redirect HTTP connections made by an application through a HTTP proxy.
  • Support for TCP- and UDP-based network protocols
    ProxyCap employs a state-of-the-art connection interception & redirection mechanism which allows ProxyCap to be able to reliably tunnel virtually any application that connects to the Internet.
  • Proxy-side DNS support
    It can make a difference whether DNS name resolution is performed locally or performed by the proxy. ProxyCap supports remote (proxy-side) DNS name resolution with proxy and SSH servers.
  • Flexible routing rules
    ProxyCap provides flexible rule system and allows you to define your own routing rules. You can use different rule criteria, such as: application, destination port range, destination IP address range and target hostname. You can add a new rule with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Support for proxy chains
    ProxyCap allows to create a proxy server chain of up to 16 proxies. You can mix proxies of different types, including SSH, in the proxy chain.
  • Support for 64-bit applications
    With native 64-bit support, ProxyCap supports 64-bit applications just as well as it does 32-bit ones on both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.
  • IPv6 support
    ProxyCap now fully supports IPv6, the next generation of Internet Protocol intended to replace IPv4.
  • Support for Metro style apps on Windows 8
    ProxyCap now allows you to tunnel Metro style apps, including Windows Store apps and built-in programs like the Metro version of Internet Explorer, through proxy servers.
  • Support for Single Sign-On (SSO)
    ProxyCap allows you to enable proxy authentication without specifying any user credentials, such as user name, password or private key. With the SSO authentication methods, ProxyCap authenticates against the proxy server using the credentials that you entered when logging into network.
  • Built-in proxy checker
    ProxyCap includes a proxy checker that allows you to perform a number of tests on a selected proxy or proxy chain. In addition to checking the availability of the proxy, you can also determine its performance.
  • Centralized management support
    ProxyCap allows the user to delegate the task of defining and subsequently modifying their proxies and routing rules to their network administrators by specifying a HTTP or HTTPS URL of the ruleset file.

ProxyCap Crack Serial Key

Whats New In ProxyCap Crack?

  • V5.35 brings a major update to the SSH algorithms adding support for AES-GCM ciphers, new key exchange and MAC algorithms, Encrypt-then-MAC (EtM) mode, ECDSA keys; introduces support for Shadowsocks – a secure proxy protocol loosely based on SOCKS5; contains other improvements and bug fixes.

How To crack, patch & activate ProxyCap Full Version for free?

If you want to redirect your PC network through the proxy server with the most safe way here you get the proper solution. So, through this application, you can easily control which application connect the internet. Another, if you use this tool you never and reconfigure your internet and it support SSH protocol. Even more, s set all of the proxy by type, port, name, attribute, hostname etc. ProxyCap crack serial key full keygen also configure your own rule and simply add the new rule in few clicks. Easy to edit any selected proxy and need one click to clear everything.

You also show the error log report on the screen and set any proxy on the top. Also, easy to enter the hostname and create the new proxy server you must need to fill up a hostname, port, display name, type etc. Thus, easy to select and select any specific rules and simply customize your routine rule properties in a very easy way.

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