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Download Shadow Fight 3 1.32 APK MOD (Unlimited Money, Max Level, Diamonds) [Updated]

Download Shadow Fight 3 Is the Sequel to the Game Shadow Fight, a Fighting Genre, Bringing More Interesting Experiences Than Previous Versions. To Find Out What’s New in the Game and How to Quickly Install Shadow Fight 3 Apk Mod, Please Join Techbuzz To Find Out the Article Below!

Download link Shadow Fight 3 1.32.4 APK MOD (Unlimited Money, Max Level, Diamonds)


What is Shadow Fight 3?

Unlike the Previous Shadow Fight Versions, the Shadow Fight 3 Mod Version Is Completely Different. In This Version, the Player Is the Hero, the Player’s Mission in the Game Will Be to End the War With the Forces of Darkness.

But To Be Able to End This Force of Darkness, Players Will Have To Learn 3 Different Ways of Fighting, Including Sword Fighting, Boxing and Street Martial Arts. And Throughout the Mission, Players Will Have To Collect Weapons To Be Able To Fight Strong Warriors in the Game.

In Addition, Shadow Fight 3 Hack Is Also Divided Into 3 Different Factions Including the Dark Faction, the Faction of Binh Hoi God Warriors and the Faction of the Court. In Particular, Each Faction Will Aim for Its Own Purpose, With 3 Factions Having 3 Completely Different Styles, Creating the Highlight of the Game, Players Should Download It Immediately to Experience.

shadow fight 3 là gì?

Outstanding Features:

  • Win Skin To Create a Talented General: In Shadow Fight 3 Mod With Unlimited Money, You Can Choose One of the Generals Such as Ninja, Samurai or Knight. After Choosing Your General, You Can Proceed To Change the General’s Appearance by Using the Skins Collected in Battles and Equipping Your Character.
  • Exploiting Dark Energy, Increasing Fighting Ability: To Be Able To Create Many Unique Fighting Styles, You Must Refer to the Fighting Styles of Each Faction. In Addition, if You Want To Upgrade the Power of the General You Currently Own, Take Full Advantage of the Energy Source That Was Previously Exploited From the Darkness.
  • Choose a Faction in the Game, Complete the Plot: In Shadow Fight 3 Hack Max Level, You Choose Your Faction in the Game, Helping You Complete the Plot in the Game.
  • Show Off Your Skills: Although the Storyline in the Main Shadow Fight 3 Hack Has Ended, You Can Participate in Many Other Activities in the Game, Such as Fighting Hand-To-Hand With the Strongest Warrior, When You Win and You Will Increase Your Rankings on the Leaderboard and Become a Legend.
  • Collect Weapons and Armor: During the Process of Fighting and Performing Missions, You Must Collect More Weapons and Armor So You Can Have More Interesting and Exciting Experiences. Winning Colorful Skins, Rare Armor or Powerful Weapons Will Give You an Advantage in the Game.
  • Participate in Events With Different Themes: Periodically, Shadow Fight 3 Diamond Mod Will Organize Themed Events, You Can Participate and Win Rare and Impressive Items for Your Character. Me.
  • Impressive and Interesting Graphics in the Game: The Graphics in the Game Are Designed in 3D, With Striking Colors That Are Completely Different From the Previous Two Versions, Creating Realism and Helping You Have the Best Experience When Playing Shadow. Fight 3.

tính năng nổi bật của Shadow Fight 3

Installation Instructions:

Step 1: Click on the link above to download Shadow Fight 3 to your device.

Step 2: Open the Zarchiver application on your phone. If you haven’t installed it yet, install it immediately on your device.

3 Step : Click to download the game to your phone. Select the folder to save the newly downloaded file.

Bấm tải game về điện thoại. Chọn thư mục lưu file mới tải.

Step 4: Immediately click on the Shadow_Fight_3_MOD file to extract the file. Next, click Extract Here and wait for the file to finish decompressing.

bấm chọn Extract Here rồi đợi file giải nén

Step 5: Click on the newly extracted file. Select Install to install Shadow Fight 3 mod with unlimited money and max level.

Chọn tiếp vào Install để cài đặt game

6 Step : Click on Install to run the game on your phone.

Bấm tiếp vào Install đề tiến hành game trên điện thoại

Step 7: Wait for the game to complete, click Done.

chọn Done sau khi cài đặt thành công

Step 8: Find and open the file named OBB.

tìm file OBB để truy cập vào
Find the OBB file to access
9 Step : Copy the entire file com.nekki.shadowfight3.

Copy toàn bộ file com.nekki.shadowfight3
Step 10: Paste the copied file into the link: Device Memory -> Android -> OBB. Next click on the Paste icon and paste the file into the OBB section.

Dán file đã copy vào đường link: Device Memory -> Android -> OBB.

Step 11: Wait for the system to move your file to the OBB section.

Đợi hệ thống di chuyển file của bạn sang mục OBB.

Step 12: Disconnect the internet connection on your phone. Open the previously installed Shadow Fight 3 mod .

13 Step : At the interface, do the following:

  • Choose appearance: Proceed to choose the character’s gender.
  • Face Type: Choose the face type for the character.
  • Hairstyle: Choose your character’s hairstyle.
  • Hair Color: Choose the character’s hair color.
  • Click Accept to finish.giao diện tạo nhân vật

Step 14: When the system displays a frame for you to enter a name, enter the name as you wish. Click Ok.

Step 15: Join the game to experience matches and challenges. Turn off the game to exit completely.

giao diện gameplay
16 Step : Go back to the Zarchiver application, select the DATA folder.

chọn vào thư mục DATA
Step 17: Select com.nekki.shadowfight3 and proceed to Copy the entire file.

Chọn tiếp vào com.nekki.shadowfight3 và tiến hành Copy toàn bộ file.
Step 18: Paste everything into the path Device Memory -> Android -> DATA. Click the Paste icon to move the file to the DATA folder.

Chọn tiếp vào com.nekki.shadowfight3 và tiến hành Copy toàn bộ file.

19 Step : Wait for the file to finish moving into the folder.

Step 20: Disconnect from the internet. Open the game and enjoy the Mod version right away.

Ngắt kết nối internet. Mở game và tận hưởng phiên bản Mod ngay thôi nào.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Shadow Fight 3 have an offline mode?

Yes, gamers can enjoy the game in offline mode, but to be able to purchase any items, it is mandatory that you have a stable Internet connection.

What will players get in this MOD APK Version?

We have unlocked all items and give players unlimited gold and diamonds to comfortably shop as well as allow gamers to upgrade their character’s max level.

You should only download hack versions of games or fully crack software from reputable websites such as NYT News or VisualCPP that have 100% thoroughly tested each software and game when uploading to avoid being infected with malicious code or stolen by bad guys. information when downloading software to your device.

So, in this article, we have also share with you about Shadow Fight 3 and shown you how to download and install Shadow Fight 3 1.32.4 MOD APK to your device. Wishing you a successful installation.

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