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Information About the Game Nro Blue:

NRO or Jade Dragon Blue, has long been a monument in the gaming world influenced by the legendary Dragon Ball style. For players, NRO sun is an exciting adventure, where they can take on the role of adorable characters and perform exciting missions in every corner of the game world.

In particular, this game has conquered a large number of passionate gamers from all over Vietnam. NRO’s cross-platform nature is also a strong point.

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Strongly and specially improved with Server Blue, NRO Blue brings many new and interesting features to players.

With this Sever, players have the opportunity to increase their strength in an impressive way. While in the original version, upgrading a character to level 15000 could take up to a month, in the NRO Blue version, you can do it in just 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Guilds allow you to build solidarity relationships with your brothers, creating a comfortable space for interaction with fellow guild members.

Interesting Experiences of Nro Blue:

Unique Guild System:

Players in Dragon Ball Online have the ability to create and manage their own boards. This allows you to build an in-game community with other players who share the same interests and gaming goals.

As the head of the department, you will have the right to manage and direct the activities of the state. This includes managing membership, deciding on activities within the clan, and building solidarity within the community.

A guild is a place where members can interact, chat and cooperate with each other. You can discuss strategies, share experiences or organize community activities such as boss hunting or exploring new lands.

Download Nro Blue Mod Apk

Improved Sever Blue:

Blue Dragon Ball Sever allows players to upgrade their character’s strength and level more quickly than the original version. This creates an engaging and fun gameplay experience.

In the original version, upgrading a character to level 15000 could take a lot of time, even a month. This helps you save time and quickly flourish in the game.

Sever Blue is designed with many new and improved features, creating diversity and excitement in the gameplay experience. You will have the opportunity to explore and experience many new aspects of the game.

Download Nro Blue Mod Apk

Automatic Feature:

The auto feature allows your character to automatically perform smashing activities without player intervention. This helps you save time and effort in collecting important equipment and resources.

Performing craft smashing activities can take a lot of time and require constant attention. The automatic feature saves you this time, allowing you to focus on other activities or relax in the game world more comfortably.

Automation is often designed to complete operations efficiently and optimally. Players can achieve better results in gathering resources and upgrading characters by using this feature.

Download Nro Blue Mod Apk

Experience the Gameplay of Nro Blue:

The gameplay in Nro Blue Sun (Ngoc Rong Blue) is an important part of the game’s appeal, and this is the top reason why many players are fascinated.

The gameplay and interface have many similarities with the previous version of Ngoc Rong Online. The game is designed with easy-to-understand and simple gameplay to create favorable conditions for players.

Chat Commands and Keyboard Shortcuts in Nro Blue:

In Nro Blue apk, using chat commands and keyboard shortcuts can help you interact and control the game conveniently. Here are some important guidelines:

Chat Command:

  • Command k_X: Change the playing area to area X.
  • Cheat_X Command: Supports adjusting cheat X.
  • Cheatf_X Command: Adjust cheat X/10 (eg cheatf_17 = cheat 1.7).
  • Command S_X: Increase movement speed by X.
  • Command Nrd_X_Y: Automatically enter the black dragon ball on map X, area Y.
  • Command Dctt_X: Limit the HP of dctt kame.

Shortcut Key:

  • Key A: Automatically attack.
  • Key B: Open your friends list.
  • Key C: Use capsule.
  • D key: Freeze current skill.
  • Key E: Automatically revive.
  • F key: Use the earring to separate the body and take the disciple home.
  • G key: Make transactions in the game.
  • Key I: Lock the target displayed on the map.
  • J key: Load the left map to or the beginning of the map in NRD.
  • Key K: Load the middle map in NRD.
  • L key: Load map must reach the end of the map in NRD.
  • M key: Open the display panel to change play areas.
  • N key: Display Pickup Menu, automatically turn on/off in black dragon ball.
  • P key: Connect to automatic management.
  • Q key: Pick up items in the game.
  • T key: Use TDLT.
  • X key: Opens the utility menu displaying all features.
  • S key: Switch targets between bosses.
  • F1 key: Open the character’s inventory.
  • F2 or Tab key: Change target.
  • Key 9: Wear set of clothes 1 for the character.
  • Key 0: Wear set of clothes 2 for the character.

Installation Instructions:

Step 1: To get started, visit the official website or click on the link above to download NRO Blue’s installation file to your device.

2: When the download is complete, open the installation file and follow the instructions to install the game.

3: Once the installation is complete, you can open NRO Blue by clicking on the game’s icon or in the game’s folder.

Frequently Asked Questions When Playing Games:

How to Join a Clan in Nro Blue?

To join a clan, you need to find and contact clan members or participate in forums or online gaming groups to find active clans.

How to Upgrade My Character in Nro Blue?

To upgrade your character, you need to participate in activities, fights and complete missions in the game. These activities will help you collect experience and resources to upgrade your character.

Is There a Way to Find Stronger Items and Equipment in Nro Blue?

Yes, you can find items and more powerful equipment by exploring and fighting. Levels, monsters and quests will give you the opportunity to earn new items and equipment.

In this article, we have discovered the game Nro Blue, an interesting version of the legendary game Dragon Ball style. This game attracts millions of players in Vietnam and around the world. With a diverse world and simple gameplay, Nro Blue has created an exciting opportunity for players to participate in dramatic adventures in the world of Dragon Ball. Hopefully this article has helped you better understand the appeal of this game and will stimulate your interest in the world of Nro Blue.

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