Download Assassins Creed Origins Deluxe Edition

Introducing the Game Assassins Creed Origins:

As mentioned above, Download Assassins Creed Origins Deluxe Edition is a highly appreciated action adventure game and is also a popular game that users find a lot. This is the 10th part of the series of game series and also the story version about the origin of Assassin’s Brotherhood.

Download Assassins Creed Origins Deluxe Edition

The background of the game was in the ancient Egyptian period in the thirteenth century BC. In the game, you will become Bayek, an Assassin and your mission here is to protect people from dark forces. During the process of exploring the world in the game, you will have to undergo the main tasks, sub -tasks and at the same time interact with famous historical figures as well as explore artifacts.

Download Assassins Creed Origins Deluxe Edition

Everything in Assassins Creed Origins Auto Level is honestly recreated, each meticulously designed landscape, you can notice through vast fields, harsh deserts to gorgeous cities like Memphis Or Alexandria or architectural works appear in the game.

And yet, here you are also involved in extra activities such as wildlife hunting, mysterious cave exploration and solving that sentence on the road. These activities not only help you have a true experience of ancient Egyptian life but also receive many other attractive rewards such as costumes, weapons and skill points.

The Main Feature in the Game

Providing Diverse Combat Systems and Weapons:

When you enter the game you will play Bayek, is the ancient Egyptin Assassin. The publisher has improved the combat system to create smooth, dramatic matches and when playing games, you will be able to use many different weapons to destroy the enemy. In particular, combat skills, equipment are upgraded to increase the power and ability for Bayek.

Download Assassins Creed Origins Deluxe Edition

Explore Complex Detective System

The game provides complex detective system, allowing you to search for clues to destroy the target quickly. Here you will have to decipher the mystery, learn the lives of ancient Egyptians every day. The discovery of you will help better understand the game world and solve all tasks quickly and simply.

Download Assassins Creed Origins Deluxe Edition

Complete All Different Tasks:

Assassins Creed Origins Viet Hoa provides a rich and diverse task system. Please participate in the main mission, sub -task and other activities in the game to earn more points and money and many other valuable rewards.

Download Assassins Creed Origins Deluxe Edition

Diverse Means of Transportation:

Assassins Creed Origins Deluxe Edition allows you to walk or travel with horses in the game world, traveling with horses will save time, explore things faster.

Download Assassins Creed Origins Deluxe Edition

Background With Eye -Catching Graphics:

Assassins Creed Origins Weapon Wiki takes players into the ancient Egyptian world, into the game you will explore the city, desert and immense plains. All images appearing here are exquisitely built, simulating the details of historical locations such as Luxor Temple, Memphis City and Alexandria University, even branches, water and sunlight are recreated. In fact, create an attractive experience.

Download Assassins Creed Origins Deluxe Edition

Settings Configuration

  • Operating system: Game supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (64bit version).
  • Processor: Support for Intel Core i5_2400 from 2.5GHz and AMD FX_6350 from 3.9GHz or equivalent.
  • Drum memory: Requirements of 6GB or more.
  • Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD R9 270.
  • Drive capacity: Requirements from 45GB.

Installation Instructions:

Step 1: Click on the link above to download the Assassins Creed Origins game.

2: Extract the file with 7 zip or Winrar software.

Step 3: Proceed to run the extract file and select the language you want to install.

4: Select the game folder and wait for the system to complete.

Step 5: Immediately after completion, you will receive a request to enter the activation code. Please enter the activation code received when downloading the game offline.

Step 6: Next, find and download the Viet Hoa package down.

Step 7: Extract the Vietnameseization package and copy the extracted file into the game installation folder.

 8: Launch the game and select Vietnamese language in the Settings menu.

Step 9: Continue to find and download the DLC of Assassins Creed Origins.

Step 10: Extract the DLC file and copy them into the game installation folder.

11: Launch the game and check if the DLC has successfully installed by checking the DLC menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What version is Assassins Creed Origins in the series of Assassins Creed game series?

Answer: Assassins Creed Origins is the 10th version in the Assassins Creed game. This is an important turning point in bringing the player back to ancient Egypt, this is the period when the Roman Empire and the forces of the Pharaoh dominated. The game brings the world of expanding, challenging players to play and live in this period.

Question 2: Want to play Assassins Creed Origins, do you have to play old versions?

Answer: Assassins Creed Origins does not require players of old versions to understand the plot or the world. Old versions help players have a better overview of history, providing many important events in the game. If you are a fan of the Assassins Creed Origins series, then play old versions to enjoy the full experience.

Question 3: How does Assassins Creed Origins have a battle system?

Answer: Assassins Creed Origins offers a completely new battle system compared to the old version. In the game you will be able to use swords, arrows, bows to fight and allow you to customize to suit your style. Take advantage of the Bayek skills to attack the enemy from afar by an arc or close weapon to storm directly into the battlefield.

Assassins Creed Origins is the most attractive and most experienced game today. The game provides open gameplay and eye -catching, flexible graphics system that has attracted a lot of attention from players around the world. Hopefully, with what we have provided for you in this article will be useful information for you, helping you have many interesting experiences when playing games.

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