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Advanced ETL Processor Professional v6.3.10.7 Download

Advanced ETL Processor Professional v6.3.10.7 Crack is a straightforward and reliable piece of software designed to automate all your business processes. It saves you time so you can concentrate on the main aspects important for your company.

Advanced ETL Processor Professional Crack is the best software ever introduced by the company. It is very famous due to its user friendly interface and mostly computer literate people do not require the training for operating this latest version of the software. Moreover, the previous version of Advanced ETL Processor Professional Serial Key is somehow difficult but expert users prefer that version. It has some shortcut keys to operate. All the versions of Advanced ETL Processor Professional Key are compatible with Windows all versions and smooth work on Mac as well.

Connect to a repository of choice Using this ETL utility you are able to perform complex data validation and transformation actions, create Insert statements from any data source and simply load data from files into BLOB fields.

Advanced ETL Processor Professional Full Version – The left panel located in the Design tab enables you to connect to whatever repository you want, then handle any kind of database be it Oracle, Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Excel spreadsheets. The program provides a mechanism by which a number of different systems and protocols can interact in order to help you process a number of tasks from start to finish. It can handle a number of different functions and services such as processing databases, e-mail protocols, and Office documents.

Advanced ETL Processor Professional Full Version Free Download Google Drive Link

Advanced ETL Processor Professional Google Drive is a robust and comprehensive Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tool designed to simplify the process of data integration and migration. This advanced software offers a wide range of features and functionalities to handle complex data extraction, transformation, and loading tasks efficiently.

One of the key features of Advanced ETL Processor Professional is its ability to connect and extract data from various data sources, including databases, flat files, Excel spreadsheets, XML files, and more. This flexibility allows users to gather data from different systems and consolidate it into a centralized location for further processing.

The software also offers powerful data transformation capabilities. It provides a rich set of transformation functions, such as filtering, sorting, aggregating, joining, and lookup operations, enabling users to manipulate and cleanse data according to their specific requirements. Additionally, Advanced ETL Processor Professional supports advanced transformation operations, including pivot tables, hierarchies, and data validation, ensuring accurate and reliable data processing.

Furthermore, Advanced ETL Processor Professional Crack Download facilitates seamless data loading into target systems, such as databases, data warehouses, and cloud storage platforms. It offers efficient loading options, including bulk loading, incremental loading, and parallel loading, ensuring optimal performance and minimal impact on the target systems.

The software also includes comprehensive data validation and error handling mechanisms. It allows users to define data validation rules and perform data quality checks during the ETL process. Additionally, Advanced ETL Processor Professional provides error handling capabilities, enabling users to handle exceptions and errors effectively and ensure data integrity.

Another notable feature of Advanced ETL Processor Professional is its scheduling and automation capabilities. Users can create complex workflows and schedule them to run at specific times or events. This automation feature helps streamline the ETL process, reduce manual intervention, and ensure timely data integration.

In Advanced ETL Processor Professional Google Drive is a feature-rich ETL tool that empowers organizations to extract, transform, and load data from various sources efficiently. Its capabilities to connect to multiple data sources, perform complex transformations, and automate workflows make it a valuable solution for businesses dealing with large volumes of data and complex integration requirements.

Advanced ETL Processor Professional Free Download Portable Full Activated

Advanced ETL Processor Professional Crack Google Drive prioritizes data security and compliance by implementing various measures to safeguard sensitive information and adhere to industry regulations during the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process.

To ensure data security, the software supports secure connections to data sources and target systems. It allows users to establish encrypted connections using protocols such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS), ensuring that data transfers occur over secure channels.

Advanced ETL Processor Professional Crack incorporates user authentication and authorization mechanisms to control access to the ETL tool. User roles and permissions can be defined to restrict access to sensitive data and functionalities, ensuring that only authorized individuals can perform ETL operations.

Furthermore, the software provides data masking and anonymization capabilities to protect sensitive information. Users can define rules and transformations to obfuscate or mask sensitive data fields during the ETL process. This helps prevent unauthorized access to critical data and reduces the risk of data breaches.

In terms of compliance, Advanced ETL Processor Professional portable Download offers features that assist organizations in adhering to industry regulations and data governance requirements. The software allows users to implement data lineage and auditing mechanisms, which track the movement of data throughout the ETL process. This helps maintain data integrity, traceability, and accountability, supporting compliance with regulatory frameworks such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Furthermore, Advanced ETL Processor Professional facilitates data validation and quality checks to ensure that data

being processed adheres to predefined standards. This includes verifying data formats, checking for completeness, and enforcing referential integrity, among other validation rules. By validating data integrity, the software helps organizations comply with data governance and quality standards.

Overall, Advanced ETL Processor Professional Crack Google Drive emphasizes data security and compliance by providing secure connections, access controls, data masking, and compliance-oriented features such as data lineage and validation. These measures contribute to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and compliance of data throughout the ETL process.

Advanced ETL Processor Professional License Key Features:

  • Multiple Delimited or Fixed width Text files
  • Multiple Excel files + Multiple Excel Spreadsheets
  • Multiple MS Access Databases
  • Multiple DBF Files
  • Any ODBC compliant database
  • Full support for ODBC connection strings
  • OLE DB Datasource
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Interbase/Firebird
  • Oracle
  • Multiple Tables
  • POP3 + SSL
  • File System
  • XML


  • 190 Validation Functions
  • String Validation
  • Number Validation
  • Date Validation
  • Time Validation
  • Validation Against a list of values
  • Regular Expressions: Postcodes, Phone Numbers, VAT Numbers ETC


  • 15 Transformation Functions
  • String Transformation
  • Number Transformation
  • Date Transformation
  • Multiple Date Formats
  • Sorting
  • Grouping
  • Deduplication
  • Translating coded values (e.g., if the source system stores 1 for male and 2 for female, but the warehouse stores M for male and F for female)
  • Deriving a newly calculated value (e.g., sale amount = qty * unit price)
  • Joining together data from multiple fields
  • Summarizing multiple rows of data (e.g., total sales for each store, and for each region)
  • Generating surrogate key values
  • Transposing or pivoting (turning multiple columns into multiple rows or vice versa)
  • Splitting a column into multiple columns (e.g., putting a comma-separated list specified as a string in one column as individual values in different columns)
  • Customized Transformation


  • There are two ways of loading available:
  • Oracle direct path loading
  • Conventional path
  • SQL server:
  • This software uses the same API as the Microsoft DTS service

What’s New In Advanced ETL Processor Professional ?

  • Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version
  • Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise is a comprehensive and effective software solution whose main purpose is to design advanced business rules and schedule processes for execution. The application is a codeless ETL (extract, transform, load) tool that saves your time so you can concentrate on what is important for your business.

    Using this utility you have the possibility to extract and import database objects in seconds. It saves you from manual tasks such as writing code and performing various transformations and validations.

    For instance, exporting data from one database and importing it to another does require you to write specific code. Let’s just say that you have to extract data from an Oracle database but you have to perform several actions that change the format of the saved CSV file (so it can be readable by other apps such as Microsoft Access).

    After writing the code that helps you extract the data you want, you need to sort all the imported data and this is only possible by creating code designed to achieve this process.

    As you can see, the process is not straightforward; however, Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise automates all these processes in a simple fashion without requiring you any programming skills. Since it is able to handle any kind of database, including Oracle, Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc., this program can be very useful for users who need to run SQL scripts, export all data from databases, save BLOBs into separate files etc.

    The main window of the application is user-friendly and consists of few tabs including ‘Maintain’, ‘Design’, ‘Monitor’, ‘Schedule’ and ‘Run SQL’.

    Navigating to the ‘Maintain’ tab you are able to manage all the ODBC drivers, connect to specific databases, stop the execution agent and configure the options. Going to the ‘Design’ tab you can easily manage and control all your connected repositories.

    What’s more, the utility comes with a Repository Synchronization wizard that helps you to copy and update objects between repositories. It provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to perform such actions. Firstly, you need to backup the target repository then easily drag and drop the objects you wish to synchronize.

    Being designed as a steady solution for Business Intelligence problems, Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise connects to various databases and automates everyday routine tasks such as sending e-mails to various contacts, processing Unicode data and comparing files using MD5 or creation date.

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