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FastKeys 5.27 Crack – A powerful automation software that helps you configure programs to start different activities on your computer, assign keystrokes for performing various operations, define abbreviation strings for your frequently used text, and manage mouse gestures.You may also like FastStone Image Viewer Crack

FastKeys 5.27 Crack is the best software ever introduced by the company. It is very famous due to its user friendly interface and mostly computer literate people do not require the training for operating this latest version of the software. Moreover, the previous version of FastKeys 5.27 Serial Key is somehow difficult but expert users prefer that version. It has some shortcut keys to operate. All the versions of FastKeys 5.0 are compatible with Windows all versions and smooth work on Mac as well.

Fastkeys Full Crack an effective automation computer software that assists you to configure software to launch various tasks in your own computer, delegate keystrokes for performing a variety of operations, specify abbreviation strings for the commonly used text, and also manage mouse motions.

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Fastkeys Full Crack is a powerful automation software that offers a range of features designed to boost productivity and streamline repetitive tasks. It provides users with the ability to create custom shortcuts, automate text expansion, launch applications, and perform various actions with just a few keystrokes. Here are some key features and benefits of FastKeys:

Custom Shortcuts: FastKeys allows users to create custom shortcuts for any action, application, or file. This feature enables users to access frequently used functions or launch applications quickly and effortlessly. By assigning custom keyboard shortcuts to specific actions, users can save time and reduce the need for manual navigation through menus and options.

Text Expansion: FastKeys offers powerful text expansion capabilities, allowing users to create snippets of text that expand into longer phrases or blocks of content. This feature is particularly useful for repetitive tasks such as typing email signatures, commonly used phrases, or code snippets. By creating text expansion shortcuts, users can significantly increase typing speed, improve accuracy, and reduce repetitive typing tasks.

Application Launcher: FastKeys provides an application launcher that enables users to open programs, files, and folders with just a few keystrokes. This feature eliminates the need for manual navigation through directories or desktop icons, allowing users to access their desired applications or files swiftly. The application launcher can be customized to categorize and organize shortcuts, further enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Mouse Gestures: FastKeys offers mouse gesture functionality, allowing users to perform actions by simply moving the mouse in predefined patterns. Users can assign specific actions to different mouse gestures, such as navigating web pages, opening applications, or executing commands. This feature provides a quick and intuitive way to perform actions without relying solely on keyboard shortcuts.

Automation and Macros: FastKeys supports automation and macro creation, enabling users to automate complex sequences of actions or repetitive tasks. Users can record their actions and create macros that can be triggered with a single keystroke. This feature is particularly useful for automating tasks such as data entry, formatting, or repetitive file operations, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency.

FastKeys 5.27 Crack offers a wide range of features that enhance productivity, reduce repetitive tasks, and streamline workflows. Its customizable shortcuts, text expansion, application launcher, mouse gestures, and automation capabilities make it a valuable tool for individuals looking to boost efficiency and simplify their daily computer usage.

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Fastkeys Full Crack can significantly improve efficiency and productivity in daily computer usage through its various features and functionalities. Here’s how FastKeys enhances efficiency and productivity:

Time-saving Custom Shortcuts: FastKeys allows users to create custom shortcuts for frequently used functions, applications, or files. This feature eliminates the need for manual navigation through menus and options, enabling users to access desired actions or applications quickly and effortlessly. By reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks, FastKeys helps users work more efficiently and focus on the core aspects of their work.

Accelerated Typing with Text Expansion: FastKeys’ text expansion feature boosts typing speed and accuracy by allowing users to create shortcuts for commonly used phrases, email signatures, or snippets of code. When a text expansion shortcut is triggered, FastKeys automatically expands it into the corresponding full text. This capability eliminates the need for retyping repetitive text and reduces typing errors, saving valuable time and increasing productivity.

Streamlined Application Launching: FastKeys 5.27 Crack‘ application launcher provides a fast and efficient way to open programs, files, and folders. Users can assign custom shortcuts to their frequently used applications or files, bypassing the need for manual navigation through directories or desktop icons. By reducing the time and effort spent on locating and opening applications, FastKeys helps users stay focused and perform tasks more quickly

FastKeys Crack

FastKeys Crack Key Features:


Expand abbreviations for frequently used text in any application and save hours of typing. Type couple of letters and automate repetitive tasks professionally.


Build a fully configurable Start Menu to start any activity on your computer. Simply touch the screen edge to show the menu. It is always there when needed in any program.


Create keyboard Shortcuts to do anything with a keystroke. Run programs, files, folders and sites or make powerful scripts to automate Windows desktop and applications


Execute common or complex tasks by using simple and amazing mouse gestures. Keep a hand on a mouse and automate anything with a small quick movement.


Recognize repetitive text input and auto-complete full text or launch commands. Intelligent word and phrase prediction with learning capability. Support for many languages.


FastKeys is extremely configurable and feature rich software. It also includes Volume Control, Clipboard Manager and Macro Recorder functions.

powerful automation program that allows you to configure applications to perform various tasks on your computer, assign keys to perform various operations, define shortcuts for the most used texts and manage the state of the mouse. It also allows you to run programs, open files, paths, and websites, as well as run commands and scripts to automate actions.

Another feature of FastKeys is the ability to create keyboard shortcuts to perform many Windows related operations (like minimize, change, zoom in and out), audio files (like adjust volume and mute volume), control panel (like add or remove programs) and many other system tools. You can now download the latest version of FastKeys Full from the website.

FastKeys Crack With Serial Number Full Version Free Download:

A powerful automation program that helps you configure programs to initiate various activities on your computer, set keystrokes to perform various operations, define shortcut strings for frequently used text, and manage mouse gestures.

is a lightweight software application that comes with many automation tools to get rid of repetitive tasks. Its purpose is to help you set up programs to start various activities on your computer, set keystrokes to perform various operations, define shortcut strings for frequently used text, and draw mouse gestures. It allows you to run programs, open files, directories and websites, as well as run automated scripts and commands. Overall, FastKeys proves to be a reliable app that comes with a complete set of tools to help you automate tasks, suitable for both beginners and professionals.

you to create your own keyboard shortcuts with a simple and flexible editor. As a procedure when calling such a mix, you can not only set up to start a program or open a file, but also run a script. You can add switches to the application call command. Additionally, it provides a set of ready-to-use commands, including calling Windows Control Panel items, calling system applications, and working with the Windows console. FastKeys

FastKeys Crack With Serial Key Full Torrent [Windows + Mac]:

The program allows you to create your own system menu, similar in features to the Start menu. This is also a hierarchical list with icons for different objects. You can name it simply by moving the mouse pointer to the top edge of the screen.

FastKeys Keygen: Set up and use text templates. In the program configuration, the TextExpander and AutoComplete sections are responsible for these options. With TextExpander, you can create a list of standard phrases and assign abbreviations to them. Then, when entering these shortcuts, the program will automatically insert the complete version of the phrase in the edited text. Autocomplete is similar to this procedure but works differently. Once you start typing the text stored in the program’s database, suggests replacing the final block immediately or performing one of the actions presented in the configuration, for example pasting the contents of the clipboard. The only drawback to these options is that the texts originally included in the program’s dictionaries are designed for English only, so the Russian dictionary must be created independently.

Whats New In FastKeys Crack?

  • New: User-defined variables,
  • Improved typed case adjustments in Text Expander,
  • Dutch, Slovak and Russian language updates,
  • General improvements and bug fixes.

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