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Alcohol 120% Crack is a powerful Windows CD and DVD burning software that makes it easy to create backups of DVDs* and CDs. Additionally, the program lets you store your most used CDs as images on your computer, and you can mount them on 1 of the 31 virtual drives with a click of a button.  Our burning software includes a Pre-Mastering function which lets you burn files directly from your hard drive, and supports Blu-ray format and HD DVD. Compatible with all Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems up to Windows 10.

Alcohol 120% Crack is the best software ever introduced by the company. It is very famous due to its user friendly interface and mostly computer literate people do not require the training for operating this latest version of the software. Moreover, the previous version of Alcohol 120% Serial Key is somehow difficult but expert users prefer that version. It has some shortcut keys to operate. All the versions of Alcohol 120% are compatible with Windows all versions and smooth work on Mac as well.

Alcohol 120% Crack supports a wide range of CD/DVD image files including .mds, .iso, .bwt, .b5t, .b6t, .ccd, .isz, .cue, .cdi, .pdi and .nrg formats. In addition to being a fast and full CD / DVD recorder, Alcohol 120 Crack Free Download includes a tool to create up to 31 virtual drives to play discs. These units are stored on your hard drive and avoid you having to find place and physically remove the CDs or DVDs you use most on your computer. Alcohol 120% 2015 download is very useful for making backup copies of your games or movies to preserve them in the event of hardware being damaged by misuse.

  • Make backup copies of game CDs and movie DVDs
  • Make duplicate backup copies of software titles in order to use software license in another computer
  • Windows CD and DVD burning software supports Blu-ray
  • Burn files directly from your hard drive to CD/DVD

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Alcohol 120% Crack is a popular software program known as Alcohol 120% or Alcohol 52%. It is an optical disc authoring tool and disk image emulator that allows users to create virtual drives and mount disk images. Alcohol offers a range of features and functionalities related to disc burning, emulation, and image creation, making it a versatile tool for various purposes.

One of the key features of Alcohol is its ability to create virtual drives, which act as virtual CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc drives on a computer. Users can mount disk images, such as ISO, MDS, or CUE files, to these virtual drives, eliminating the need for physical discs. This enables users to access and use their disc-based software, games, or multimedia content without the hassle of carrying or swapping physical discs.

AlcAlcohol 120% Crackohol provides advanced disc burning capabilities. Users can create backup copies of their CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs by reading and writing disc images. The software supports a wide range of disc formats and allows users to burn data, audio, or video files onto blank discs. It also offers options for creating multi-session discs, creating bootable discs, and performing disc-to-disc copying.

The software includes a powerful disc image creation feature. Users can create exact copies, or images, of their physical discs and save them as ISO, MDS, or CUE files. These disk images can be stored on a computer or external storage devices for backup or sharing purposes. The ability to create and manage disk images provides convenience and flexibility in preserving and accessing disc-based content.

Alcohol offers disc emulation capabilities, allowing users to run applications or play games directly from disk images without the need for physical discs. This feature is particularly useful for users who have laptops or computers without built-in disc drives or for those who prefer the convenience of virtual discs.

Furthermore, Alcohol provides advanced options for managing and organizing virtual drives and disk images. Users can customize virtual drive settings, such as drive letter assignment and access permissions. The software also allows users to create and manage virtual drives and disk images in a user-friendly interface, providing ease of use and efficient management of disc-related content.

Alcohol is a versatile software program that offers features such as virtual drive creation, disk image mounting, disc burning, image creation, and disc emulation. It provides users with a comprehensive set of tools for disc-related tasks, including accessing disc-based content without physical discs, creating backups, and running applications from disk images.

What are the advantages and applications of using Alcohol for disc emulation and image creation?

Using Alcohol 120% Crack for disc emulation and image creation offers several advantages and finds applications in various scenarios. Here are some of the benefits and key applications of the software:


  • Convenience and portability: Alcohol eliminates the need for physical discs by allowing users to create virtual drives and mount disk images. This provides convenience and portability, as users can access and use their disc-based software, games, or multimedia content without carrying or swapping physical discs. It also allows users to run applications or play games directly from disk images, enhancing accessibility and ease of use.
  • Data backup and preservation: Alcohol enables users to create exact copies, or images, of their physical discs. These disk images serve as backups, providing a secure and reliable way to preserve and access disc-based content. By creating and managing disk images, users can safeguard their valuable data, software, and multimedia content from loss or damage.

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What’s New In Alcohol 120% ?

  • FIX Minor bugs reported by users.
  • ADD support for more drivesSucks, did something to my game disks now I can’t install or play any of them. I used the image wizard to make back iso files to play without disk(didn’t work) now whenever I try to install the game it doesn’t work, makes my computer freeze and then it crashes..reset my pc and never tried putting the disks in’s a pain I’m not willing to go through again!Has not been meaningfully updated in a year. Relies on outdated and buggy SPTD layer that has not been updated for windows 7 in four years. New Windows 7 Updates now render it completely nonfunctional. Now installs crapware. Still does not support virtual burner. The developers wasted effort on an audio cd ripper and sound file converter. Now that deamon tools. Protected cds/dvds are dead so use a better ripping software.
    The fact that it uinundates you with crapware during install and then INVISIBLY installs more crapware without asking is beyond maddening. Uninstall program does not work. Forced to manually remove this pile of junk from my system. Avoid at all costs. I despise software that does backhanded things like this.
    I deleted the program as soon as I saw the crapware that came with it. I used the program a long time ago and it was OK but the version with Smart File Advisor was too much. Of course that part didn’t uninstall. I used the directions here to uninstall it but some of the registry keys didn’t appear on my system. I deleted what I found and so far it appears I don’t still have the crapware. I tried an unknown file type and it Smart File Advisor didn’t appear.Alcohol 120% rips and burns backup copies of your valuable discs and also creates and plays 31 different virtual discs: everything from Audio CDs to DVDs, with blazing access speeds. It records audio and converts data, too. Alcohol 120% is free to try for 15 days, though the trial version is limited to six virtual drives instead of 31, and to burning with only two drives, simultaneously. Alcohol 120% is compatible with Windows XP to 7, with a separate download for Windows 98/Me. You’ll need an optical disc drive to use Alcohol 120%, too, though you’ll only need a disc burner if you plan to burn discs.We chose the Advanced option instead of the “recommended” Standard installation when installing Alcohol 120% and were glad we did since the installation wizard tries to install some “extra” programs. Freeware often comes with optional downloads (someone has to pay the bill!) but Alcohol 120% isn’t freeware, nor is it particularly cheap, even for a good disc burner, so we were a bit dismayed not only to see extra toolbars and coupon apps but what would have been a rather large number of them even in freeware. But Alcohol 120% also offers a good amount of support, including a manual. Its user interface is easy to understand, with a spare but familiar look. The program started by asking permission to scan our system to obtain information about our DVD burner and any virtual discs we had. While its speed will depend on your system’s resources, Alcohol 120% certainly worked quickly.A good disc burning utility isn’t hard to come by, and we’d probably have a hard time justifying Alcohol 120%’s cost if that were its only trick. But combine it with a terabyte drive, and you’ve got a powerful disc archiving tool that lets you play your CDs, DVDs, and games over and over without scratching them on the tray.

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  1. Download the latest version from the below links
  2. Install software & do not run
  3. Copy “msimg32.dll” & replace to installation directory
  4. Delete “star_syn_client.dll”
  5. Done! Enjoy Alcohol 120% Full Cracked 🙂

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